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Giant Mansions and All You Can Eat Lobster at The Nordic in Rhode Island

Being so busy with work prior to this vacation in Fall of 2021 to New England I barely looked at what would be where we were going. I knew I wanted to see Rhode Island and Vermont because I had never been there before, and I’m really into getting all 50 states checked off the list. But once we got to Rhode Island, I was like – Oh, where here! What do we do?

Well, apparently, you go to Newport, RI and tour giant old mansions and historic architecture. Like this place (the main photo) the Marble House. It took us a couple tries to get in because first the parking lot was awful to find, and two I left my credit card at the fish and chips lunch spot we found after wandering around the streets looking at boats and ancient doorknobs.

The Marble House was built by William Vanderbilt for his wife’s 39th birthday present. It has 50 rooms and 500,000 cubic square feet of marble within it. But for the Vanderbilts it was still considered a “summer cabin” for the family.

Highlights of the tour include not being able to stop on the staircase for photos, ridiculously ornate ceilings, and a backyard with a chinese pagoda themed something or other on it.

One could spend their entire time in Rhode Island touring giant mansions. But we had seafood to find so we piled back into our super fancy minivan and headed into the woods to The Nordic.

View from the Vanderbilt Marble House at other mansions along the coast of Newport, Rhode Island.

The Nordic is a very special kind of all-you-can-eat-buffet. We were pretty sure at the time that it would be a super spreader but we made it out Covid free and stuffed to our human gills in food, shellfish and crustaceans.

Gate of The Nordic

The grounds of The Nordic are idyllic and include some fun furniture to play on. We used all the amenities to work off our seafood stuffed bellies.

The evenings smelled of autumn leaves falling and crisp sunsets as we drove back to enjoy our seaside abode and fire pit.

2 thoughts on “Giant Mansions and All You Can Eat Lobster at The Nordic in Rhode Island”

  1. I worked at the Nordic Lodge back when i was in high school . it was 32$ per person in 1988 now its over 100$ i believe . I was a dish washer for 1 summer .the record for most lobsters 🦞 eaten by 1 person was 21 and the grossest was 1 customer ate an entire lobster shell and all the wait staff was all grossed out. lol


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