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An Autumn Vacation in Norfolk Virginia

Another autumn comes around and my friends and I are all flying from different corners of the United States to have fun being tourists and explore. This Fall we chose to wander about Virginia – taking in the beach life and historical sites a plenty.

Our homebase for the week, a beach house in Ocean View/ Norfolk, Virginia – sort of central to all the things we were going to check out and pretty. The Airbnb said “beach access” which technically was true, but the beach is across the street and down a pier. Close enough for fun though.

Upon our arrival on Saturday we settled in and went right to dinner after a day of only airport snacks. It was just in time to see a beautiful sunset over the marina and have some yummy local seafood at Willoughby Fish House.

The wind was blowing as Willoughby Harbor is at the very end of the point sticking out in the Atlantic Ocean. We sat inside at a six person table near the two doors – because everything was near the two doors in the tiny little restaurant snuggled into the pier. With the blustering wind outside, every time the door opened in the tiny little restaurant the wind blew through like a typhoon lifting napkins, hats, shirts and everything possible on off the table. Followed by the sound of a tiny bell ringing and a human saying “oh! that wind!” Until the folk singer started singing covers of well known tunes so common that I cannot even remember one song he sang. The food was good – albeit we would have eaten anything after a day of airport snack rations. And we were able to go back to our bnb full of Virginia oysters, fruits of the sea, and happy – ready for a week of adventures exploring what coastal Virginia has to offer.

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