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Universal Kabbalah for the Soul

I traveled to Toronto, Canada to attend a class studying the Universal Kabbalah with the international leader of the Modern Mystery School. The Universal Kabbalah is a system of personal growth and empowerment that literally changed my brain chemistry last year when I completed my first trip up the tree of life.

My first trip on this road of study was not easy, but was one of the most rewarding expenditure of energy and dollars I've put myself through as an adult. So when the opportunity was presented to travel to Toronto for this experience I only hesitated briefly before going all in.
When the going gets hard, lean in. A lesson I've learned through 16 years of devoted Buddhist practice and now in my second trip up the system known as the "tree of life" I shall never argue with again. Nor will my doctor who monitors my neurotransmitter levels. I went from half the normal serotonin production (on a patented formula of supplements) to producing normal levels (not taking any of my supplements). A science miracle or a solid deliverable of work with the energies of Kabbalah to cleanse my life of negative ego and attachment.
Who am I?
What is my purpose in life?
No small questions for this earthbound Angel. Except – where is my non-dairy creamer with this classic breakfast of coffee?
As with any effort to continue personal improvement this trip to Toronto has offered me a clear glimpse into certain patterns and assumptions that cause me challenges in the micro and macrocosm. Specifically this time around I'm working on my discomfort in my own body and increasing financial abundance through the development of diverse streams of income from my various talents. Yesterday's challenges traveling were just a sneak peak of what's to come in my next 10 months with thus course.


So tonight I stayed in, despite a giant strange metropolis calling my name. I was tired and I apparently needed a good dose of being called "love" by my waitress. She definitely blessed my bacon grilled hamburger and ceasar salad with a side of onion rings and exciting Heinz condiments I ignored. For an airport hotel bar and grill it was the best damn hamburger I've had in a long long while.



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