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Art in the Road Snow and Other Thoughts While Traveling

I am officially trapped – by dollars and sense. Otherwise known as a wise choice – I did not (again) make it past my hotel restaurant tonight after a wonderful day of Kabbalah class. Where is the lesson here young Skywalker? Yoda asks me as he stares blankly ahead, backpack filled with my new rose scented candle and class books.

Toronto is not the place to take taxi cabs on a budget. Do your research and maybe staying in sometimes is the better choice. Sigh. But I get to write this lovely story of self reflection for you all and dress it up with beautiful photos taken in the light of creative source. So maybe there is something to this space.
This is road snow, usually ugly, but in the light a beautifully interesting sight to behold. I froze my fingers this afternoon taking pictures along a suburban drive in the snow because everything was just so shiny and dazzling.
Like these Canadian coins in the morning light.



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