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Life Activation Rescuing a Dragon from Casa Loma and Lunch at Richmond Station

Arriving in Toronto for Life Activation training, checking out Casa Loma and finding a dragon.

Pink Moon Dandelion Jam to Celebrate the Vernal Equinox and Ostara

Foraging for Dandelions to make Dandelion Jam in honor of the Vernal Equinox.

Toronto Tapas at Bar Raval to Satiate an Energy Healer’s Appetite

Enjoying a night at Bar Raval after a full day of study.

Sunny day in Toronto Eating Breakfast at Schmaltz Appetizing and Dinner at Brothers Food and Wine

Adventuring around Toronto finding Schmaltz Appetizing and Brothers Food & Wine.

Life activations and Indian Food

I came to London for the purpose of recertifying my Life Activation Practitioner Certification, with a few additional days to be a tourist. Today I spent all day recertifying with the exception of a couple walks through Hyde Park and my dinner adventure at Ayana in Belgravia neighborhood. I traveled halfway across the world to … Read more

Universal Kabbalah for the Soul

I traveled to Toronto, Canada to attend a class studying the Universal Kabbalah with the international leader of the Modern Mystery School. The Universal Kabbalah is a system of personal growth and empowerment that literally changed my brain chemistry last year when I completed my first trip up the tree of life. My first trip … Read more

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