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An Olympic Peninsula Loop Beach 1 the Hoh Rainforest Forks and Eating at Lake Crescent Lodge

Exploring the Olympic Peninsula via highway 101 stopping at the Hoh Rainforest and Lake Crescent Lodge.

The Macallan and Traveling to Speyside

Traveling to Speyside from Inverness and visiting The Macallan.

Organic Farming in Cambodia and the Long March to Lunch

A long morning exploring an organic farm, Cambodian cuisine, and an amazing lunch.

Of Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Banyan and Checking in to Viroth Hotel

Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm while adjusting to the heat and humidity of Cambodia.

Across the World in 24 Hours to Reach Siem Reap Cambodia

Traveling from Seattle to Siem Reap Cambodia with my teddy bear Jimbo and my thoughts.

Going to Nanaimo Canada for Poetry

A journey to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada for the 3rd Cascadia Poetry Festival.

Timeshares, Black Pepper and Lord Manguesh

Today I caused a scene in the lobby of the Phoenix Park Inn Resort. At the end of it I was storming out with my luggage and they were offering me everything free that pissed me off in the first place – but it was too little too late. Ironically, the only reason I am … Read more

Taxis, Mahalaxmi and Gandhi

As I gazed out the window over the waters of Goa ignoring the jerky brake technique of my driver – trying to find some semblance of my inner flow I lost at exactly 11:11 am this morning and not get whiplash – I realized something. Mumbai has no cows. And that is what is wrong … Read more

Bus Stops, Coffee and Mangos

At 6am this morning I called Cafe Coffee Day (India's Starbucks) in Hotel Ginger and ordered an Americano and a chocolate doughnut. Out of doughnuts a "Brownie" resembling a piece of cake was delivered to my room along with the Americano – or what I thought was an Americano until I took a sip. Coffee … Read more

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