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Taxis, Mahalaxmi and Gandhi

As I gazed out the window over the waters of Goa ignoring the jerky brake technique of my driver – trying to find some semblance of my inner flow I lost at exactly 11:11 am this morning and not get whiplash – I realized something. Mumbai has no cows. And that is what is wrong … Read more

Bus Stops, Coffee and Mangos

At 6am this morning I called Cafe Coffee Day (India's Starbucks) in Hotel Ginger and ordered an Americano and a chocolate doughnut. Out of doughnuts a "Brownie" resembling a piece of cake was delivered to my room along with the Americano – or what I thought was an Americano until I took a sip. Coffee … Read more

Akshardham, Aloo, Astronomy and Assasinations

I woke up at 6 am New Delhi time and could not go back to sleep so I started looking through the tourist materials I accumulated over the past 3 days. A photo of a giant temple on the back of the "Delhi Old and New" pamphlet I got for "free" at Rajghat with two … Read more

Mughals, Martyrs and Masala

First thing today I attempted to buy a pre-paid phone and was groped in the process – then I found a "grocery store" and purchased bottled water that was not sealed. It was a good start to Dehli day 2 – but at least I was wearing some fashionable hand woven cotton and a head … Read more

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