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Balboa Park Cannibals Food Truck Ceviche and Opulent Steak in San Diego

Enjoying Balboa Park and eating opulently at Born and Raised Steakhouse in San Diego.

Eating in Minneapolis – Sea Salt, Spoon & Stable and the Bachelor Farmer

Eating my way through Minneapolis in good company.

Dinner at the French Laundry April 2nd of 2016

Considering the experience of eating at The French Laundry.

A Saturday in Portland Writing Exploring Powells World of Books and Eating at Ox

My second day in Portland ruminating on food writing and eating at the heralded restaurant Ox.

Life activations and Indian Food

I came to London for the purpose of recertifying my Life Activation Practitioner Certification, with a few additional days to be a tourist. Today I spent all day recertifying with the exception of a couple walks through Hyde Park and my dinner adventure at Ayana in Belgravia neighborhood. I traveled halfway across the world to … Read more

Saturday in Toronto Equals Farm to Table Food plus CN Tower

I woke this morning with the sun streaming into my suite window and vague memories of a dream where I stood on a table rallying poets to write about place. I quote my dream self speaking to uninspired poet, "I would love it if you wrote about a drainage ditch, if that is what you … Read more

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