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Journey to the Washington and Oregon Coast

From Seattle to Seaside Oregon, with Long Beach, South Bend and Astoria in-between.

Lakedale Resort Music Festival on San Juan Island for Labor Day

A beautiful weekend on San Juan Island at the Lakedale Music Festival with an old friend.

Reykjavik Maritime Museum Disgusting Phalluses Eating Fermented Shark and Waiting for Tickets to John Grant

Exploring maritime history, phalluses, and eating tasty and not so tasty fish in Reykjavik.

Camden Town, Sherlock, Ottolenghi and the British Library

I spent a good portion of last night in London trying to figure out what to do on my last day in London. So much so I stayed up too late and didn't finish my blog post about that day – resulting in a late start this morning after sleeping in and rewriting my blog … Read more

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