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The Midway Museum and Copious Seafood in San Diego

Taking in The Midway Museum and eating a lot of amazing things from the sea.

Charleston – Fort Sumter Eating at Husk and the Joy of Timeshare Sales Pitches

Visiting Fort Sumter and eating low country cuisine at Husk and Slightly North of Broad.

Whidbey Island Duck Eggs and Clams in Red Sauce

A day and a night on Whidbey Island enjoying clams, wine and friends.

Frutti di Mare or Seafood Pasta for an Adventure

A lively adventure making a traditional fresh seafood pasta.

Walking the Las Vegas Strip Looking at Shiny Things

We walked the entire expanse of one side of the Las Vegas strip today. We went into every single casino, save one, and did not gamble. We unashamedly took pictures of every single interesting looking thing and began to feel as though we were trapped in a giant amusement park/airport where all the celebrity chefs … Read more

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