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Old Town San Diego and Eating Mexican Food at El Agave

Completing our San Diego vacation with a tour of Old Town.

The Midway Museum and Copious Seafood in San Diego

Taking in The Midway Museum and eating a lot of amazing things from the sea.

From Mission Beach to Barrio Logan with La Jolla In-between

From the sea lions of La Jolla to the history of Chicano Park in Barrio Logan.

Organic Farming in Cambodia and the Long March to Lunch

A long morning exploring an organic farm, Cambodian cuisine, and an amazing lunch.

Saturday Yoga Ramen and Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver

Last night on the way to Wildebeest we walked by a yoga studio. This morning we actually went. Completely blind to the type of yoga we were walking into but luckily having packed yoga pants as my PJs I went in with a sense of adventure and optimism. Much like I approach eating on these … Read more

Beach Fun Eating Conch and the Children of Flipper

I am covered in mosquito bites swollen into red pock marks on my legs arms and hands – but happy. The irony of this is that I almost packed army grade mosquito repellant but didn't because I for some reason thought we would not be spending that much time outside. Maybe in my father's version … Read more

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