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Catholic Churches and Closed Paradise

Someone closed paradise and forgot to do a final check of the aisles. As there are a few of us left in this fishbowl swimming in circles between the hotel and beach with no where else to go. I tried to go to three recommended restaurants tonight – not because I wanted to go to … Read more

Beaches, Bangles and Vindaloo

So the thing about Goa now is it is off-season. The benefit – no crowds and theoretically lower prices. The downside – I am a beacon of white light illuminating everywhere I traverse. My entry onto Candolim Beach started a turf war between the cabana man and the jewelry seller ladies over my non-existent American … Read more

Taxis, Mahalaxmi and Gandhi

As I gazed out the window over the waters of Goa ignoring the jerky brake technique of my driver – trying to find some semblance of my inner flow I lost at exactly 11:11 am this morning and not get whiplash – I realized something. Mumbai has no cows. And that is what is wrong … Read more

Bus Stops, Coffee and Mangos

At 6am this morning I called Cafe Coffee Day (India's Starbucks) in Hotel Ginger and ordered an Americano and a chocolate doughnut. Out of doughnuts a "Brownie" resembling a piece of cake was delivered to my room along with the Americano – or what I thought was an Americano until I took a sip. Coffee … Read more

SIM Cards, Colonial Architecture and Cuisine

I will never criticize someone who is cartographically of directionally challenged again. Mumbai put me in my place, or out of place, more than once today. Actually like four or five times. It all appears easy on the little map in my book then bam no idea where I am – and directions don't help. … Read more

Cooking Lessons, Malaria Pills and an Airplane

I am beat up – scraped knee, multiple bug bites, runny nose and a cough. On top of it I am tired- from the heat, the lack of Internet, and new malaria pills floating around my system. All I wanted to do this morning was vegetate in my air conditioned room and watch the people … Read more

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