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Exploring the Columbia River Gorge

Exploring the sites along the Columbia River Gorge for our last day of vacation.

Retreat on Guemes Island

Taking some time with trees, water and sky on Guemes Island.

On Losing your Luggage on the Way to Glasgow and Making Up for it with Amazing Haggis

Traveling to Glasgow, losing our luggage, and eating haggis for the first time.

A Slow Sunday in Austin Texas Eating and Waiting for Bats

A Sunday in Austin wandering for flavor and discovery.

LitFuse 2016 – Poets Unite for the Tenth Year in Tieton Washington

Celebrating 10 years of going to LitFuse poetry festival in Tieton, Washington.

A Visit to What Used to be Home for Healing

A visit to my homeland Duluth, Minnesota results in healing for a wounded heart.

Dinner at the French Laundry April 2nd of 2016

Considering the experience of eating at The French Laundry.

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