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Great Southwest Roadtrip Journal Day 9 and 10 Exploring Santa Fe

Enjoying two art filled days in Santa Fe with our taste buds and eyeballs.

Hillcrest Farmers Market and an Odd Mission Beach Airbnb in Sunny San Diego

Arriving in sunny San Diego to find some Farmer’s Market fun and a less than up to par Airbnb.

From Atlanta to Savannah with Fincher’s BBQ in Macon on the Way

From Atlanta to Savannah with a little BBQ adventure in-between.

Old Pulteney to Inverness and Dinner at the River House

Exploring and the history of Wick Old Pulteney distillery and eating at the River House our first evening in Inverness.

On Losing your Luggage on the Way to Glasgow and Making Up for it with Amazing Haggis

Traveling to Glasgow, losing our luggage, and eating haggis for the first time.

Ghost Towns and Arizona Wine Tasting in Jerome and Cottonwood

Exploring Jerome, Cottonwood, and the Arizona Wine Trail.

Exploring Austin and Eating at Dai Due

Eating at Dai Due in Austin with a friend.

Arriving in Austin Texas for Fun in the Blogher Sphere

My first night and morning eating BBQ in Austin, Texas.

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