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Treating Myself to Tilth Brunch on a Sunny Saturday

Seattle is putting on a sunny face this spring.  The cherry trees are in full bloom along with daffodils and star magnolias as sun deprived humans are outside wandering around white skin glistening taking it all in.

March 2013 174

On this Saturday I was one of those sunstruck humans.  With a few hours between yoga and my extended family's Passover Seder I left the car in the garage and went wandering down the main street of my neighborhood searching for a place to sit and eat in the sun. 

March 2013 156
Alas I live in Seattle so I failed at finding an outdoor patio.  But I did decide to treat myself to brunch at Tilth. 

March 2013 213
Tilth specializes in local and organic ingredients placed together in simple but wonderfully tasting combinations.  Executive chef and owner Maria Hines is also a James Beard Award winner and the holder of many foodie accolades from a Best Chef to a Best Restaurant in the country (for Tilth of course).

March 2013 234

 My need on this fine day was for eggs done splendidly.  I found it.

March 2013 224

This is my french omelet featuring nettles, red cabbage and wild mushrooms.  The combination of earthy from the nettles and tangy from the red cabbage was the best Saturday morning tastebud treat I could have not ever imagined on my own.

March 2013 231

Accompanied by a grapefruit mimosa, a side of bacon and gluten free toast I found myself truly enjoying this physical existence. 

March 2013 215
Thank you Tilth and local organic produce for the opportunity to take a moment to just savor simple flavor and life.



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