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The Latona Pub Burger and Beer

This is not a gluten free or vegan post.  In fact, it probably was not my best food sensitivity role model decision day.  I find myself defying my dietary restrictions sometmes – as if waging a war against my digestive system will somehow result in something beneficial.  Alas, it never does, but I do enjoy myself before the side effects kick in.  On this day I dived right into gluten wonderland with my artisian bunned burger and microbrewed beer.

Spring and visa 030
The Latona Pub holds a special place in my Seattle heart of hearts.  It is the place where I met my partner Lamar nearly 7 years ago.  He was playing his upright bass in the corner with a jazz trio – my friends report it was love at first sight – at least to the outside observer. 

Spring and visa 045
This is the piano he was standing in front of when I first saw him.  It did not have March Madness brackets taped to it at the time. I remember he came over to our table and asked if any of us lovely ladies had any requests – I asked for "Fly Me to the Moon" and was treated to a bass solo and the start of something.

Tonight as I defied my gluten allergies drinking a beer and eating a burger Lamar played the Friday Happy Hour music set with two other fine musicians.

Spring and visa 056

I enjoyed my Brother Thelonious Ale and listened.

Spring and visa 053

Worked on my burger made with grass fed sustainably farmed beef.

Spring and visa 038
And enjoyed the company of these two wonderful people. 

Spring and visa 040
Say hi Yama and Jenny.

Spring and visa 048
Even my shoes got into the act. Meow.  Let's end this little note with a poem – you can guess who and what it is about.


What ties us together

 Gypsy bass

sun golden plywood

rescued from pawnshop burial.


Chords vibrating Hungarian paprika red across the space of our sentences.


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