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Stew Party Hearty

It is time for the annual stew extravaganza at Lanii and Ross's house. 

Stew party 022

The stew party is famous.  At least among a large circle of Seattle Area Buddhists. My very good friend, fellow Buddhist and photographer Stephanie, promised to take me and finally this year we made it.  Every year Lanii makes multiple stews and a guest brings at least one other. Much wine, cheese and other contributions are ate and drank.

This is an example of one of the contributions – a most beautiful and photogenic corn bread muffin.

Stew party 015

It was busy weekend so I was happy to have a moment to just sit back and chat with folks to celebrate the beginning of a new year and new friendships.

Lanii's stews included the following tasty mixtures.

Stew party 017

Mom's Beef Stew

Stew party 006

Vegan African Peanut Stew

Stew party 011

Welcome 2012 Stew

Stew party 004

The concept of the party (other than to gather with many wonderful people) is -everyone brings a bowl and throws down into stew tasting land.  Pretty simple but perfect for a February food adventure. 




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