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Mimosa Brunch at Roxy’s


Lentils and brunch feb 12 021

Brunch is the Seattlites's favorite meal – and no good brunch is complete without the juice and bubbly drink known as the mimosa.  Roxy's Diner in Fremont is the home of the $2 mimosa and East Coast food on the West Coast and this fine winter weekend morning was a day to celebrate life inside its bright and boisterous interior.

To give you a little insight into the culture of Roxy's – let me tell you that it has a drink on its menu entitled the "Restraining Order" where you recieve a shot of whiskey and a slap in the face from your fine waitress or bartender.  We did not order this drink – but my buddy Yama decided to dive in to the daily special.  Ham & Cheddar Pancakes.

Lentils and brunch feb 12 028

If you are wondering what that white stuff is – it is powdered sugar.  Here is a close-up.

Lentils and brunch feb 12 030

His meal was not heart-healthy as his pork, cheese and flour came with a side of bacon, sausage and egg.

Lentils and brunch feb 12 025
Filled with everything I am allergic to I lived vicariously through his experience.  I went another direction and decided to  celebrate the East Coast options – I ordered the Lox plate and was a little sad to see more cream cheese and bagel then lox, capers and tomato. 

Lentils and brunch feb 12 033

But alas, althought the bagel I could not eat was made on site,  I was not in a Jewish deli in New York or Southern Florida where there would be more lox on the plate – so I buried my sadness in a black current mimosa.

Lentils and brunch feb 12 041

Yummy, tart and bubbly.  Yay brunch!

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