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Making Sushi

Now in what seems like many moons ago this April one of my very favorite people came to live with me in Seattle.   When he left Minnesota it was still snowing, he arrived to a sunny Seattle all ready to wrap its temperate arms around him.

End of april 13 110

So I brought him to sushi making class.  What a better way to start off a relationship than a planned group activity. 

End of april 13 024

Our bonding over fish and rice started with a basic lesson in proportions.

End of april 13 032

Rice ball to seaweed – and be careful not to let your hands get too dry. The rice will stick to your fingers.

End of april 13 034
Then carefully place the vegetables and other ingredients in the prepared bed

End of april 13 037
wrap them up tightly and cut.

End of april 13 044
Rinse and repeat, dress in different styles of green seaweed blankets.

End of april 13 054
Don't forget to tuck in the shrimp.

End of april 13 049
Enjoy what there is to enjoy and suffer what there is to suffer as you drink sake with your partner in this life – or champagne on your first night together.

End of april 13 006

A memory in every moment as we enter the season of gratitude – I am so happy to have such a wonderful person in my life to share adventures with. 

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