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Lobster Mushroom in Garlic Butter

This is a Lobster mushroom.  It really isn't a mushroom at all.  Hard to tell since it looks like a mushroom and definitely tastes like a mushroom.

Early oct 12 053

So if the Lobster mushroom is not a mushroom – what is it? It is actually a parasitic ascomycete  that grows on mushrooms turning them the reddish color that resembles the shell of a lobster. 

Early oct 12 057

This specimen is a wild Lobster mushroom found at a produce stand in the farmer's market with some visiting friends.  We decided it was a necessary food exploration endeavor to get one of these giant red mushrooms and see how double fungi tastes.

Early oct 12 058

You can't go wrong with mushrooms, butter and garlic – so I chopped up the very dense flesh and plopped in a pan of melted butter and garlic chunks.

Early oct 12 064

I cooked the mushroom in the garlic butter mixture until each piece turned a nice light brown hue – signifying each had appropriately obsorbed the butter garlic goodness.

Early oct 12 069

Last I plated and served the pile of mushroom with crackers.  The choice to stay simple with the two flavors complemented the natural earth taste of the mushroom making for a light but full flavor smoothly gliding over the tastebuds of the tongue.

Early oct 12 077

A worthy experiment.

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