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Gluten Free and Vegan Everything at Flying Apron Bakery

If you live in Seattle or the surrounding areas and you happen to have a gluten or dairy sensitivity Flying Apron Bakery is the place for you.

Flying apron and crab pot 049

Hello my name is Angel and I have an addiction to cookies.  Yes, cookies.  I used to smoke cigerrettes – a horrible habit that made me cough and wake up gasping for air until one day I quit cold turkey and replaced nicotine with you guessed it – cookies.  So much so in the first month or two after quitting I gained nearly 15 lbs…I think mostly thanks to the cookies. 

Flying apron and crab pot 046

I digress.  When I first went gluten-free nearly five years ago the only place you could get a cookie or a pastry in Seattle was this little rinky-dink walk-up window in the U-District known as the Flying Apron.  Now in the new world where even Italian Restaurants offer gluten-free noodles it is not such a wonder but the Flying Apron moved up in the world to the Center of the Universe – Fremont, Seattle and expanded into a full on little cafe.  Now featuring pastries and other all vegan food.

Flying apron and crab pot 058

I am not vegan but this is the first lasagna I've had in years that did not make me sick.  Because there is no wheat and no dairy in it and you cannot tell.  Rich, creamy, soft but not mooshy  = yum! 

Flying apron and crab pot 051
And here is our vegan gluten-free Mac & Cheese.  I had a hard time sharing this little number as Mac & Cheese is one of my most favorite things I cannot eat.  Fresh from an exhilarating poetry reading with the Washington Poet's Association Misty Dawn and I polished off both our pasta dishes and our cookies over a chat about world domination via smiles and positive attitudes – no but seriously  – we did and the well crafted cookies helped. 

Flying apron and crab pot 044

Gluten-free Poem

Oh wheat flour

traditional agriculture

how you make my stomach sour.

I  must have

brown rice, garbanzo bean,

tapioca and amaranth,


rice noodles

and polenta.

Zanthum gum from rain forest

make you rise and my mouth yearns

for a cookie that does not crumble.

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