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Enchiladas Agua Verde

Once upon a time I did not yet live in Seattle but I came here for a visit.  I met an awesome friend named Justine who had a birthday and we went to a lovely place along the water in the University District known as Agua Verde.  It was the beginning of a tasty love affair.

Camera plus feb 19 013

Agua Verde is an authentic Baja style restaurant with a warm relaxed atmosphere, a plethora of tequila drinks, home made salsas and towers of tortilla chips.  They also only serve sustainable and eco-friendly raised meat and fish, organic produce and engage in composting and recycling behind the scenes. In short, they have tasty food and healthy and environmental business practices. 

Camera plus feb 19 018

The night I met this restaurant is the same night as I met my now partner Lamar.  Tonight it was Valentine's Day and Lamar was part of a quartet of musicians playing the restaurant.  I stopped by to wave, say hi, enjoy some salsa and venture off my normal choices on the menu (house tacos)  and try the enchiladas.

Camera plus feb 19 020

I asked for the sour cream on the side – why "on the side" I don't know.  I don't eat it.  I can't eat it. It is as if I feel it is impolite to not take what they are offering even though it is wasteful.  I will work on saying "no sour cream" or "no cheese" or "no bread for the table, thank you" from now on.

These also have a little queso fresca on them.  I cheated and had a little bit of cheese – because I knew it was organic, small farm, fresh and small in quantity.  

Camera plus feb 19 022
Here is the close up of the  enchiladas topped with a green sauce and filled with scrumptious flakey chicken.

If you are in the neighborhood Agua Verde worth the wait for a table.  And for those of you reading not in Seattle – its worth visiting when you come – you could find love or at least rent a kayak to explore some of Seattle at sea level. 

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