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Dim Sum Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!  Have some Dim Sum.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 026
As a practicing Buddhist New Year's Day has great significance as a day to redetermine or freshly decide to challenge obtacles and expand my life.  It is also a day of many traditions including overflowing alters of fruit, rice cake, saki and large gatherings followed by a group trip to Dim Sum.

Being Buddhist has not only given me a wide appreciation for the varying cultures of the world it has forced my Northern Minnesotan self to try new cuisines.  The most memorable being the first time I was brought to a restaurant where there were no forks.  My  mostly Japanese compatriats watched me with a mixture of concern, curiosity, and humor as I fumbled with the sticks attempting to eat rice and other small objects. 

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 014
My first trip, and still most trips to Dim Sum feel similar to this experience as I have know idea how to order or what to order even if I knew how.  Luckily, I have always had a guide – which in some cases has resulted in chicken feet and beef lung or this New Year's day experience an amazing pork pillow.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 018

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 016

My New Year's Day Dim Sum guide Candice took us all to Jade Garden in Seattle's International District.  Jade Garden is special, not only because their food is amazing but because of their sustainable practice of composting all of their food waste. 

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 038
Because of my guide's wonderful relationship with this restaurant I was granted a free photo of chicken feet spotted on a passing cart by my friend Jodie.  We did not want to eat the chicken feet.  I just wanted a picture for the blog.  My memory from a past experiment with this delicacy was that they tasted like cardamom flavored lard wrapped around a stick with weird chewy parts and joints.  Needless to say the beef lung -which was just like a chewy form of ramen – was a far better experience.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 027
Here is Jodie enjoying one of her favorites of the day.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 020
It was a thumbs up for the noodles.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 013

And the shrimp dumplings were another crowd favorite.


Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 009And don't forget to get your broccoli.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 028

All- in-all an extremely filling start to the year.

Early Jan Dim Sum 2012 022

I hope all your goals for 2012 become a reality.


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