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Crab all over your Table

If you are not into messy eating do not try this type of establishment.

Flying apron and crab pot 029

Other Warning: for those with an aversion be it biological, mental, political or environmental to the bounty of the sea -crustacean, fish or mullusk – stay away as there is nothing for you here but potential injury or heartache.   

The Crab Pot is a simple kind of place with a schtick dock/shiplike decor – there are no lights under the bar and no plates or fancy things like silverware.  At the Crab Pot they pour your seafood from a steel bowl directly on your table.  You get a bib,

Flying apron and crab pot 024

some utensils (which Sam is modeling here) lots of paper towels,

Flying apron and crab pot 028
and a pile of seafood in front of you. 

It is a great time if you have something to celebrate without any decorum or worry about Molly Manners or shellfish allergies.  Our event spurring seafood hyjinks was good friend Kristy's happy birthday and we swam through the melting Seattle snow to get to a somewhat deserted restaurant (thanks to the weather factor).  Lack of fellow patrons was not an obstacle to our enjoyment however, as you give a  person a bib and a crab hammer what else but antics will ensue? I only wish I had my new camera app at the time so I could take better pictures in the darkly lit interior, but then my fingers were covered in food so it may have been for the best to only take before and after shots.

  Flying apron and crab pot 039

The four of us demolished our pile of crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes leaving only a few forlorn potatoes on smeared butcher paper.  According to our ever-so-helpful and good-at up-selling waiter, potatoes are always left behind.


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