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Cafe Presse my French Cafe away from France

There is nothing imposing about Cafe Presse – it just is what it is.  A place to find international newspapers, watch soccer and eat simple French cafe standards, seasonal soups, and salads all done with local Washington ingredients.

My friend Stephanie and I have an ongoing relationship with their winter warmer – French Onion Soup accompanied by pommes frites.  Unlike Julia Child's and my own recipe fashioned after Julia's (which can be found as the first entry of this blog) Cafe Presse uses chicken stock in its French Onion Soup – I find it very curious but tasty.

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 021
Today as always Stephanie and I order our standard plates and share a single order of frites.

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 025

My other personal favorite – chicken liver terrine. I use the frites to eat it instead of bread – it probably isn't heart healthy but I it is the gluten-free way and I don't eat here everyday (even though I could).

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 026

To keep things happy and healthy everything from our regular order is rounded out by a green salad. 

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 023
I have probably spent a least a week or two of my life in Cafe Presse since moving to Seattle.  Hours of conversation over wine, coffee, always yummy food and comfortable non-imposing atmosphere.  It is so easy to just go here for any occassion and spend hours chatting, drinking and nibbling – of course too I always have such great people to chat, drink and nibble with. 

I have a secret dream that enough hours spent in this cafe will somehow make it a real life teleportation device to France.  Its not secret anymore because I just told the whole world on my blog. I do admit that it will never actually transport me to France – but as far as a little imagination is concerned I can go on an European vacation any day of the week I step inside the doors of my favorite cafe.

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 008
Another nifty feature of this location is publications.  Magazines for foodies and other types in multiple languages and newspapers from all over the world.  Here is Stephanie looking very intellectual with her coffee and new glasses.

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 017

When not appearing in my  blog Stephanie is an iphonographer and a international nuclear policy whiz among other fantastic things.  She also has a cat with 7 names – of which I provided 5. 

Cafe presse tuna bbq potato sausage 003
Cheers to you my readers on this soon to be one year anniversary of this blog!  In April I have joined the NaBloPoMo with BlogHer- theme Poem for National Poetry Month.  I will be posting a blog a day (including a poem) for the entire month of April.  It will be a warm-up for my travel writing in May while I'm in India.  I hope you bare with my writing marathon and follow along for the adventures.


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