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Bacon Deep Fried for Real

Yes, it is true. Someone in this world breaded and deep fried bacon and put it on a menu.

Holidays 2011 013

Seattle's own Maritime Brewery – in its Jolly Roger Tap Room – features beer battered deep fried bacon.  It is good – like chewing on a heart attack wrapped in bacon fat joy.  Here I am eating it.

Holidays 2011 016

I washed it down with Jolly Roger the 9.5% alcohol seasonal offered by Maritime that flavor-wise lands somewhere between a dark belgian christmas ale and hoppy red.

I once tried to order of a keg of this strong brew for a birthday/solstice party.  The brewery kindly laughed at me and told me that kegs were promised six months ahead and that even if one was available private parties need not apply because of the alcohol content.  You want the party to end up asleep on the floor?  The kind voice on the other side of the phone told me. 

So in short the beer is strong and if you ever make it three pints in without some deep fried bacon padding in the tummy you might see things that are not there or write bad poetry you can't read later because your handwriting is so bad.  I am not speaking from experience.

Holidays 2011 020

The Jolly Roger Tap Room also likes to take onion rings to the next level.

Holidays 2011 017

After deep fried bacon and gigantic onion rings washed down by beer – I never wanted to eat anything again. 

Let me show you another take on that bacon. Yummy crunchy pig stomach fatty goodness.  WARNING: not appropriate for most stomachs or cholesterol levels.

Holidays 2011 014

 Merry Christmas and Happy Hour to you.

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