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Toronto Tourist Eats Thai Tapas, Chicken Confit and Goes to the Art Museum

There is nothing like a red-eye flight to get you into town with a whole day to explore but not quite enough sleep to be completely functional. I knew this today when I questioned the necessity of my customs declaration form with the stewardess as we arrived into the Toronto airport. How many times have I done this? The stewardess politely dropped one off for me a few minutes later no questions asked.

My quick 6:30am dash through the Minneapolis airport to change flights didn't allow time for coffee or breakfast so I was in rare form mentally and physically as the Delta brand cookie washed down with airplane coffee wreaked havoc on my digestive system. When we landed I got myself together and trekked through customs to be greeted by my very own first in line cab to my hotel in downtown with early check-in.

A suite fully equipped with French doors and Fun Dip! Thank you Cambridge Suites for putting the fun back into the mini-bar.

Thirty minutes of shower and my grooming products spread all of the ornately large counter later I feel human again and ready for lunch. After a brief survey of my surroundings I hone in Hawthorne Food and Drink, an establishment just down the block and a training ground for new hospitality workers with a foodie heralded ever changing menu.

I choose, after much debate, the special.

Which looked like this.

And tasted as if chai tea met fried chicken wings and a perfect marriage ensued. Paired with the puréed pommes (i.e. Potatoes) and the interesting stuffed chicken sausage thingy and chicken skin "chip" it was definitely an enjoyable and satisfying lunch experience.

Next on my sleep deprived agenda after an espresso is the AGO – The Art Gallery of Ontario. As I believe if one is visiting a major city in another country (or the United States for that matter) one should take in what it considers to be it artistic and cultural treasures.

Toronto's gallery is huge and I can only view what is likely a third of it before my legs are giving out and it's time for another caffination timeout. My favorite pieces in the museum are a painting called The Yellow Violin, a number of still life paintings featuring dead rabbits and ducks and a Picasso, I believe called "Portrait of a Woman." After refueling I notice that it is raining.

For some reason water falling from the sky had not registered as a possibility during my walking tour of downtown Toronto. So I hike myself to dinner at one of the most happening restaurant's on the city scene today – Sabai Sabai because I'm certain that arriving early in the rain on a Friday will get me in without reservations. I'm right.

I treat myself to Tom Yum Soup, fish custard and sautéed morning glory.

What's the story morning glory? I never knew you were edible before – but one has to feel good about themselves eating a super invasive garden killing plant species. I just hope they are not planting it somewhere for the sake of this restaurant.

I send a Doctor Who hashtag out on Instagram as I eat the fish custard – Matt Smith's 10th Doctor character debuts eating fish sticks and custard – I just can't help myself to think some other Whovian out there in the social media universe will appreciate my association.
Meanwhile, the fish custard is actually one of the better "adventurous" dishes I have ever eaten. Soft, just like custard but with chunks of cilantro and onion all commingling into a savory mash that delights the tongue with every smoosh. Unless you not into mashy, slightly viscous textures, then it would be bad, but luckily I like them and it was good.
Before I know it the restaurant is packed and the hostess is moving my single table hogging self out the door for those with actual reservations. The rain has abided a bit and I take in some churches on my walk back to the suite where I will retire for the duration of the evening so I can be ready for a big day of sightseeing tomorrow.


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