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South Austin Food Tour and Blogging

I'm going to go a little post-modern and blog about blogging about blogging. Day One of BlogHerFood 2013 and there was a lot about blogging – meanwhile I planned my blog post and hoped for content.

That is the end of my story about the conference. At the end of the day I made some friends and joined our local food guide Clay for a curated progressive dinner through South Austin.

Here is Clay with the remnants of a warm margarita pitcher at Maria's Taco X-press.

This is Maria.

These are her Tacos.


This is the weird everyone was talking about when they mention Austin.


That was until it got weirder.

This is the Whip In. Formerly just convenience store, now a convenience store restaurant and brewery serving Indian food – of course.

These are Indian Nachos.

They were spicy – and then from the sky a freak wind knocked down an air conditioning duct at the table next to us with such a clatter of breaking wine glasses that even the pretty lady singing stopped and stared.

I drank my Brahmale and considered our good fortune as the subtle heat of the nachos grew to an inferno in my mouth (a sign of authenticity). Then it was time to move on to Gourdough's – the most ridiculous donut establishment on the planet.

At least, that is, it beats Voodoo Donuts of Portland, Oregon for richness and level of goo and flavor combos. And it was National Doughnut Day, so why not?

We ordered a Keylime and a Strawberry Shortcake donut.


Omg. Holy line Batman! At least 30- 45 minute wait for a serious artery bomb.

I ate two bites of each and was ready for food coma. It was a good day.


1 thought on “South Austin Food Tour and Blogging”

  1. Hi Angel, just wanted to drop by and say that it was great to meet you at BlogHer Food. I love your recap and am very sad now that I left town without one of those insane doughnuts!! What a crime to not eat one on National Doughnut Day!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Give me a shout if you ever make it to SF.


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