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Life activations and Indian Food

I came to London for the purpose of recertifying my Life Activation Practitioner Certification, with a few additional days to be a tourist. Today I spent all day recertifying with the exception of a couple walks through Hyde Park and my dinner adventure at Ayana in Belgravia neighborhood.

I traveled halfway across the world to recertify as a Life Activatin Practitioner. No other license or certification I hold requires this much of me, but I do not begrudge it because I chose this path. And the path of healing always requires that you have worked on yourself first.
And so I have for the last 17 years with a significant concentration of work during the last two. Including joining an international Buddhist organization and now this lovely community of light workers that span the globe. Both groups mission is world peace through the enlightenment and progression of one individual at a time. If you are interested in recieving a Life Activation it can help with many things – just let me know I or a practioner in your part of the world can help.
The gardens this morning were beautiful and quiet and natural. A perfect setting right before going into a my class.
I made many connections with people in this community today – and wished I could stay to complete the next training well to solidify those new connections – but I already chose to go a different path this time. I do look forward to returning to London and this wonderful group of people, plus the 19 new practioners we welcomed today.
Class got out late and I was starving – and it was time for some Indian food. All of the places I read about were closed on Sundays save one, Amaya.
I got there and there was no space for me, but they offered me a space at the bar to wait for a table to open. I ordered what the bartender recommended, a whiskey manhatten with smoked cloves. He smoked the cloves in front of me. This was a good start.
Amaya is an Indian style tapas restaurant, aka small plates (or larger plates for groups of four or more). Since there was only one of me, and the tasting menu was for two people – I went small. They were very small. But packed with flavor. Above is the black pepper tandoori chicken.
This is tandoori foie gras with tamarind glaze. Although the most interesting presentation of foie gras I have ever eaten, I have to admit the tamarind covered the flavor of the goose liver a bit. It was also on the sweet end, almost like a BBQ sauce, which I personally put I the same category as ketchup (i.e. avoid) but it was still good and definitely worth trying.
Above are my venison kebabs with cheese centers. They accidentally sent me out a large plate -so these tich and hearty pieces were the end of my plate adventures. The cheese part unfortunately covered the delicate taste of the venison. It left me ironically wishing I had tried the other tandoori chicken dish.
Last but not least, pur̩ed spinach to perfection. Popeye would be proud of how much spinach was packed into this small bowl. So much so I couldn't finish and the oh so attentive waiter made sure my "packages" were waiting discretely for me at the hostess desk when I left. Apparently taking things away from this restaurant is rare Рbut I thought I should share my leftovers with my hosts as I had enough venison and spinach for a small family remaining.
It had been a good and exhausting day so I made my way home on the tube, almost broke my ankle stepping in the door of my flat, and passed out on my bed to dream some very weird dreams likely influenced by my Indian fusion food and a day of high energy vibrations.


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