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Grammy Brunch at Brunch and Mulhulland Drive with Friends

When I woke up in Los Angeles on Sunday morning I found these two boys looking at me from my phone.

Greetings from Seattle! As much as I love to travel, I am happy always to come home – especially with two fuzzy friends waiting for me.
Sunday was accidentally the most LA of my LA experience.
Per my desire for eggs my most awesome local guide and now friend Erika brought me to brunch at a place called Brunch.
Upon arrival, with empty tables galore, we were informed it would be a 25 minute wait for a table. I must have looked concerned, which I was, not at the minimal wait time but the combination of empty tables and needing to fetch friend Misty Dawn from Malibu at noon. "It's Grammy weekend and Sunday brunch, it'll be a 25 minute wait time no matter where you go. But I have two seats at the bar if you want those…."
Sold! Best view in town.
This is Erika's egg sandwich with tofu bacon dripping with goodness.
And my Ode to Butterfield's – flat iron steak and poached egg with Cabernet Sauvignon hollandaise.
Enough nourishment for the rest of the day – including a drive on the Sunset Strip and the David Lynch made famous Mulhulland Drive to pick up Misty Dawn from her systems theory master program residency in the Malibu hills.
Then to the airport. Sad face to the short visit in the car with one of favorite friends in this world. But oh so proud of her to pursue her dreams and a masters to make the world a better place. I'm glad we were all able to connect and have a brief moment in the sun together.


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