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Flying to Toronto and Dining Alone on Valentines Day

This would be the first year in my 36 years of life and 20 years of dating that I actually have someone willing and capable of celebrating St. Valentine's Day with me. On such a momentous day, what do I do? I take the first morning flight out of town to Toronto, Canada. The irony is not wasted on me.

Luckily my guy is my best friend and the understanding type so although he may not totally get my driving desire to fly anywhere at any time the opportunity presents, he at least was in agreement that the day of old Saint Valentine need not only be celebrated on the 14th of February. He also sent me the lovely Valentine gram above.

Now dining alone on Valentine's Day in a foreign city is another story. But I did so, and it felt like the one thing I did awesome today. And it was a lesson for my little travel or self about proximity, determination and making assumptions. Below is a shot of my chosen intimate Valentine's dining experience. The only thing I did research on prior to coming to Toronto.

I started my day getting to the Seattle airport extra early as I had no seat assignment. I was so early however, that no one was at the gate for an hour after I arrived in the dark crevice of the morning filled with many other sleep deprived travelers.

Then I landed in Detroit. Bless their hearts in Detroit as the airport is busy and the people that work there tell you before you buy things that you should not because they consider them a rip off. "Do you know that water is $4.99? " Thank you, you angel of commerce. I did not buy the water.

But my flight boards in 10 minutes, I am still limping and slow with my healing ankle, what shall I do for lunch? Disgusting wrap sandwich in the fridge got $10 or…McDonalds. Today, for the first time in 10 years or so McDonalds won. I caused a problem at the register when I then attempted to order off a menu that was also 10 years old, but still managed to get a "classic" grilled chicken out of the deal. And a "Order 694! We appreciate you…" When my little bag of wonder was casually passed over the counter.

Then my flight was delayed so the rush for lunch/dinner was for naught. Except it gave me enough energy to get thru the slowest customs and cab line in the history of international airports.

Then I learned how to be ripped off in Canada. In the taxi line that promised no rip offs- when I should have investigated a little further and enjoyed a free shuttle to my hotel. Instead I just stared at this sign for way too long and regretted my lack of research and assumptions in a city where I had no local guide and paid way too much for my taxi.

But at the end of it all there was dinner. Beautiful tasty dinner with the nicest bar and wait staff in a super busy establishment I have witnessed.

Ruby Watchco works with a set menu that changes weekly. I invested in it and the wine pairings. My gluten free option was chicken liver pate with chicken skin cracker. OMG ridiculously rich – so scrumptious.
And then a cheese plate.
And then all of this…needless to say I was unable to finish the potatoes or squash featured here. But the short rib disappeared. Then to top it off this gigantic dessert appeared – called triple chocolate delight.
Triple chocolate call my cabbie and go to bed is what it was. Three bites had me crying for a champagne pallet cleanse. Not bad but definitely enough gooey dessert for a small sports team.
The night ended with a long ride back to my hotel talking with Yaya the cabbie I enriched voluntarily as a result of my failure to judge distance and cab fare in Toronto. And at last my Travelodge huge room and bed with my faithful travel companions.
Tomorrow's a big day.


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