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Do-it-Yourself Gluten-Free Granola

Granola is extremely easy to make and takes very little prep time.  You just need the right ingredients on hand to start the process.  This recipe is one I have created and perfected over time and can be made with or without gluten ingredients. 

You can also, depending on your tastes, substitute different dried fruit, nuts and spices.  The recipe I provide here is the standby, guarenteed to please. The ingredients you need on hand are:

End of april 13 282

Gluten-free oats (if you are making non-gluten free just use standard oats).

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Ground flax meal (either pre-ground or ground flax seeds).

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Buckwheat flour

End of april 13 292
Cinnamon and nutmeg

End of april 13 279
Canola oil, maple syrup and vanilla.

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Dried fruit and nuts (of your choosing).

Here is the standard recipe – as you experiment with it you can change the spices and fruit combinations.  The only thing you cannot change is the mixing of the ingredients and order of cooking.

Gluten-Free Granola

2 cups gluten-free oats

1 cup flax meal

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp cinnamon

1 tbsp nutmeg

3/4 cup canola oil

1/2 cup real maple syrup

2 tbsp vanilla

3/4 cup nuts

3/4 cup dried fruit

Step 1:  Mix all the dry ingredients together (oats, buckwheat, flax meal, spices and salt).

Step 2: In a seperate bowl, mix all the wet ingredients together (oil, maple syrup, vanilla).  Make sure they are completely blended.

Step 3: Pour the wet ingredients over the dry and mix until everything is damp.  If the mixture is a bit dry add a little more oil and maple syrup.

Step 4:  Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Step 5: While the oats and flours are baking, mix together the fruit in the same bowl you mixed together the wet ingredients in and add a light dusting of cinnamon. 

Early may 2013 046

Step 6:  When the oats and other ingredients have baked for 15 minutes pull them out of the oven and mix in the fruit and nuts. 

Step 7:  Bake everything together for another 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Step 8:  Let the granola sit for at least 10 minutes or until cool.  Scoop from the baking sheet and place in an air tight container. 

Early may 2013 070
Serve with soy milk or another milk of your choosing.  Enjoy!




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