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Tasty and Sons a Portlandia Brunch Experience

This post is the last installment of my Portland trip in September of this past year. 

As a result of my Saturday night dinner disappointment with my colleagues I chose the most popular brunch destination in Portland for Our Sunday breakfast. To hell with compromise come on "brunch reinvisioned."

As we checked out of the hotel and were well on our way to Tasty and Sons when I informed the boys that there would be a wait because it was, Sunday, brunch and Portland – a city who loves brunch more than Seattle – so they should just be mentally prepared and accept whatever is in store, no matter how long the wait, and how wierd they think the food.

We lucked out and got a spot at a community table in less than the hour  intially predicted. I celebrated the double Portlandia moment of both getting into a place that had a line out the door AND sitting at a community table. My fellows meanwhile just looked confused. I explained that they didn't have to share just because the waitress said the food was family style.

For those who have never had the community table experience – you sit a large (perhaps European styled) wooden table on a booth or chairs rather close to complete strangers.  Yes, you sit right next to strangers – so close sometimes that you could breathe on their food.  

Fall thru thanksgiving 14 136

 I digress, but after the initial shock of potentially sharing with strangers wore off and it was clear that our little piece of real estate at the table was truly ours we ordered.  I started with bacon wrapped dates – because I could.

Fall thru thanksgiving 14 139

Followed by a "shared" purple radiccio salad – inside of which were found olives and a light covering of a very rich delightful cheese dusting. 

Fall thru thanksgiving 14 141

 I finished my meal with this oh so standard looking bacon cheese breakfast biscuit.  I was so rich and so heavenly and so awesomely filling.  

Fall thru thanksgiving 14 149

 I couldn't finish – but I was happy that brunch in true form occurred – even if I didn't get photos of what other people ate. 

We drove back to Seattle on our Sunday afternoon satiated -and in my case happy that at least our last meal in the town of foodie culture was appropriately Portlandia.

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