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Driving to Portland on a Friday and Eating at Nostrana

To leave Seattle on a Friday afternoon to drive anywhere is a tricky thing – but to drive South through Tacoma and Olympia with a state fair and road construction is even more fun. But alas PDX for the heck of it weekend awaited us so we tried an alternate route and found – traffic. Yay!

Five hours later we made it to the fine Residence Inn just outside of downtown Portland, Oregon and just six minutes from the award winning neighborhood Italian restaurant Nostrana – surprisingly sandwiched inside a little home improvement strip mall.

Because five hours in a car was not enough I decided to go traveling some more with my taste buds and ordered a Corsica rosé wine flight. Then I convinced my companions to experience the charcuterie with me.

Hello lamb liver pâté, lamb ham, tuna terrine and beef tongue – yum. The lamb pâté was like eating a pillow of pudding that tasted of subtle lamb – and you did not need to even chew the tongue it was so tender.
It is no wonder Nostrana has James Beard awards hanging all over its walls – even the chicken, my not so adventurous eater traveling buddy Tyler ordered, tasted unlike any chicken I have ever tasted before.
I ordered the insalata Nostrana per the instructions from the article I read about the place and was not disappointed in its intense flavor. A great rufage precursor to Evan's ginormous 31 day aged 1 kilo steak
and my cappallini pasta.
It was a good meal at a good place with good people who were tired and full and oh so ready for sleepy-time. We returned home to the hotel to rest for a new day on Saturday filled with more food and adventures.


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