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A Good Stink Part 1: A Crock and Kimchi

At the end of the summer growing season our little garden plot provides a formidable crop of cabbage.  Although cabbage is quite the hardy vegetable in that it can live for months in your refrigerator – an abundance of cabbage is an opportunity to engage in the time old tradition of food fermentation.  This July,

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Kissing the Sea

Recently a good friend of mine was able to bring me over to the world of raw oyster eating.  As we live in the last vestige of phenomenal fresh oysters in the United States – I guess it was time that I embraced this encrusted bivalve and dove into the half-shell pool. The oyster reminds

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Cornbread for All!

So are you of the gluten free, dairy free, vegan varital?  Food allergy or food choice there are ways to make some down home comfort foods with a flare that will fool even the most staunch milk drinking wheat eater.  This is cornbread without wheat or milk.  It does contain eggs – but vegans do

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A salad waiting to happen

  To all those out there not yet sold on urban farming, foraging or eating your yard all I have to say to you is that arugula freshly picked from right outside your front door is peppery joy on the tongue.  This is my fourth day of eating fresh arugula that I planted in early

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