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The Biltmore Estate is Very Very Large

In fact it is known as America’s largest private residence. It is a 250 room French Renaissance chateau/ summer home/retreat center for the George Vanderbilt family – built over 6 years and completed in 1895. I am going to admit that I had no idea what we were going to see when Jeremy booked our

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Asheville North Carolina for Samhain

Asheville North Carolina has been on our “to visit” list for years – so this year we decided to make it happen for the Fall trip and to do it over Halloween/Samhain week because – why not? Upon our arrival on Sunday the 30th we were greeted with quite the eye full of Autumn and

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Friends Family and a Visit to Owamni

The call came in from Jeremy. You want to eat at this new best restaurant with us in Minneapolis before vacation? I said “the Souix chef? I’m there. And booked my flight. Easier to fly through Minneapolis to get to Asheville anyway, and why not experience a 2022 James Beard Award Winner, and visit friends

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Bamahenge and Beaches in Alabama

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Alabama the first thing that comes to mind is white sandy beaches and pina coladas. Wait, what? No. Exactly – to the outsider when one thinks of Alabama the first things that come to mind are football, former racist governors and exploding petroleum platforms. White

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Mobile Alabama and American Royalty

Heading into Mobile I had no idea what to expect of it honestly. I did not do much research other than reading a few restaurant lists and listening to a few weather forecasts. Yet setting foot on its soil on a Friday evening in September, it immediately felt like a friendly and inviting place. They

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Vermont, the Land that Google Forgot

Another state on my list of unvisited, Vermont. The home of Bernie Sanders. The home of that other guy who once ran for President (Howard Dean) but social media took out because he showed enthusiasm. The home of Grade A Maple Syrup. The home of of rural farmland, sheep and goats, and some very socially

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Rhode Island is a lot Bigger than it Looks

After many adventures across the United States, one of the few states I hadn’t yet visited was Rhode Island. I’d been close, but never across its watery border to see what its New England charm. Due to flight costs and other logistics we did not fly to Rhode Island, we flew into Hartford, Connecticut. As

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