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Duluth Grill, Family and Pickled Turkey Gizzard


Organic and local straight from the parking lot – the Duluth Grill built raised beds and a rooftop garden to source it's vegetable and herb needs.

My sister and I being in Duluth at the same time as our father (as none of us actually live here) took the opportunity to have a rare family meal together at this local food establishment. It may have been the first time we all sat down together to eat in Duluth since I graduated high school 16 years ago- and millions of years from Dad's summer visits to bring us to our now dead Grandpa and Grandma Latterell's lake house to commune with cousins, aunts and uncles.

Father in full exploratory fashion ordered a standard breakfast of bacon, eggs, and French toast, sister got an everything scramble without onions and sausage, and I chose the most mesmerizing breakfast option I've ever seen – a roasted duck omelette. Duck wrapped in egg never tasted so good – probably because I'd never tasted such a thing before. No one at the table wanted to try it. More for me.

I am also a fan of the red flannel hash – a mixture of carrots, beets, sweet potato and onions roasted together with herbs.

The previous day was stiflingly hot – but today as I photographed the parking lot gardens the wind blew and the rain started to fall -my stepmom turned the heat on in the car.

A few stories from my sister about my niece and poopie car seats later my father and I said goodbye to sis and on the road she went back to South Carolina. I accompanied my father and step-mom on their pilgrimage to the local Moose lodge in Proctor.

The lodge was shockingly similar to Dad's lodge in Florida. I had PBR and we conversed with bar manager about the finer points of pickled turkey gizzards as the state gambling commission conducted an audit in the background.

Pickled turkey gizzards – for those curious have an extreme pickle (vinegar) flavor and an actually tender texture to chew on. I will not however go out of my way to ever eat them again.

I snapped a shot of the parents to send to their fellow Moose via Facebook and we were off. This time I wished the parents a safe flight to Florida and I returned to my other set of parents' homestead to hang out with them and the cats in the now bright afternoon sunlight.


Mr. Hobbs

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