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Amazing Grace Bakery Cafe and Lake Superior

This is the city I was born and raised in.

There is something about Duluth that always has a rain cloud hanging over it or is stuck in a snow drift slowly dying. Just a wee bit kinda depressing – but that is why I moved away twice. But then I can never stop claiming I am from here…

Today Mom and I decided to go walk the lake and find me some wi-fi so I could attempt a blog post. We did a little antique shopping and found a few items that inspired my mother to start selling the pieces in her current collection on eBay. I purchased a Garfield coffee mug and shot this photo of a virgin Mary statue.

Done not really shopping – We made the poor young woman at Amazing Grace Bakery Cafe go through all the baked good display recipes to determine that the vegan peanut butter bar was in fact also gluten-free so that Mom could eat it.
It was well worth the young woman's effort. And if you ever find yourself in Duluth, MN I highly recommend this little basement cafe and coffee shop for its food, coffee, and open mic night.

Carob, peanut butter, granola gluten-free goodness.


Coffee drank and blog posting wi-fi a failure we went for a walk on the boardwalk and got blown over by lake winds and a refreshing lake spray up over the rocks as the white caps hit the shoreline.

Just another summer day in Duluth.


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