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Sun Tea Summer Day

There is something about the sun shining that makes you want to put water and tea together with nothing but the sun to make it happen. 

  July 2012 tea and salad 269

Or perhaps its just me and my memories of growing up in Northern Minnesota where we were so happy to see the sun and the heat when it did appear that you used it for everything you could get from gardens to iced tea.

  July 2012 tea and salad 264

 I now live in Seattle where things are not really any different – the sun shines and we all go out running into the light to absorb what vitamin D our white skin can absorb before we burn.  Tea  bags don't burn – nor do lemon wedges. 

  July 2012 tea and salad 276

If you have not ever made sun tea before there is something fun about drinking something steeped from the energy of the sun.  Every time the sun shined my mother used to place a clear pitcher out past the deck by the flower garden where the sun hit for longest part of the day. Hours later  after the water would turn from clear to a brilliant golden brown we  would have ice tea after working in the garden.

Tea made by the sun as opposed to fire also seems to have a rounder more viscous flavor.  Like the tea and the water meld.  This pitcher of tea is a mint and holy basil tea I made yesterday as the sun shone upon Seattle. 

July 2012 tea and salad 248

Instructions for Sun Tea

Step 1: Find a nice clear pitcher with a cover.

Step 2:  Choose your tea.  Tea could be green, black or herbal.  I recommend organic.  My recipe I use 3 tea bags for one large pitcher plus a half handful of herbal looseleaf for additional flavor and entire lemon sliced. Or one handful of loose leaf (3 Tbsp)

July 2012 tea and salad 258

Step 3:  Place your tea in either bags or a hand full of loose leaf tea into the pitcher.  If you like lemon in your tea slice a lemon and add it to your pitcher.

July 2012 tea and salad 260

Step 4: Fill your pitcher with water  and sit out in direct sunlight for at least 3 hours.

July 2012 tea and salad 271


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