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Seasonal Cocktail Spring Demonstration at the Book Larder

A few months ago I purchased a book entitled The Seasonal Cocktail Companion – a lovely instructional piece telling me how to make many types of bitters, mixers, drinks, and garnishes from scratch with the seasonally available ingredients in the biodiverse rich land of Seattle and its surroundings.Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 020

Tonight I was able to meet the author and try some of her treats. Such as a kumquat infused vermouth

Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 002

a rhubarb, rosemary, vanilla infused vodka

Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 013
 and a rhubarb strawberry Bellini

Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 015
 If nothing else it was a night featuring pink drinks.

Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 011
And checking out an amazing bookstore with full cooking demonstration materials – down to the table reflecting mirror.

Seasonal cocktail class  april 24 023
 I chose to spend my time with the author speaking of cherries – as I desire to make mountains of them for Christmas gifts and I wonder if they can really keep only two months.  Per Maggie Savarino's signature in my book there are at least three ways I can experiment with and she is certain I will find more options with the summer fruit.  I can't wait to try.


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