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Pan Fried Fish for Grandpa


This is a picture of my sister and I with our Grandpa on a lake somewhere in Minnesota or Northern Wisconsin. I'm the little one in a swimsuit.  Fishing was a vital part of my childhood. As Father's Day rolls around it seems a fine time to appreciate and honor Grandpa's memory by recreating the tastes and smells of those stories of us sitting on boats and riverbanks casting lines and catching everything from perch and sunfish to bullheads and the occasional northern pike.

March fish fry 035
Growing up in Minnesota one could take for granted fresh water fish.  Even when I lived in the city of Minneapolis you could practically step outside your door and find a bass, crappie or a bluegill
just waiting to jump into your pan.  Well, not literally – but if you
had a fishing pole you could walk to the nearest lake and catch one.

Now that I live in the land of salmon on the West Coast far from the middle and freshwater lakes – I sometimes find myself just craving a good old pan fish fry, or a nice walleye fillet.  Alas, those cravings must wait until I visit the midwest but in the meantime I tried satiating the desire with local fare with a midwestern flare.

March fish fry 013
This is some sustainable caught seafaring whitefish.  To prep it for a good ole pan fry you soak it in a mixture of lemon, seasonings, milk (of your choosing), and egg.

March fish fry 015
Meanwhile, create a tasty crust for you fish.  I use cornmeal and garbanzo bean flour and seasoning.  If you are not gluten free you can crush up crackers, or use regular wheat flour along with the cornmeal.  The main thing is to make enough to cover all of your fish thoroughly.

March fish fry 028
To get the best effect, dip each filet in a beaten egg after soaking in the milk and lemon mixture.  Then immediately dip the fish into the cornmeal and flour mixture and into the prepared hot and sizzling pan.

March fish fry 029
Toss the fish lightly into the hot oil and fry it until the crust is brown and the fish is an opaque white.  Remove it from the oil and let it sit on a paper towel or another grease absorbing option.

March fish fry 031
Meanwhile prepare a vegetable for a full balanced meal and enjoy.

March fish fry 032


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