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Have Yoda will Travel

As the leaves make their final turn and the wind blows most of them to the ground I think back on the amazing northwest summer I was priviledge to enjoy this year with a good friend and companion by my side and another on my back.

Summer 2013 994
I have a Yoda backpack and he goes with me everywhere.  This is Yoda at the KEXP concert at the mural that happens every Friday in August at Seattle Center. 

Summer 2013 022
He helped us eat these deep friend peanut butter bananas with coconut milk. 

Summer 2013 203
Then when I was in Austin, Texas he almost convinced me to buy this portable stereo cooler – but then we both decided that Yoda was enough to carry around.

Summer 2013 043
We played with a baby goat named Truffle at the local community garden

Summer 2013 074
and ate kimchi pancakes and eggs at Revel in Fremont, Seattle.  Yoda really enjoyed the soft boiled egg – but we both agreed it was a little bit messy for his plush green skin.

Summer 2013 035
We dabbled in the art of semi-professional photography and stopped to enjoy the flowers.

Summer 2013 067

We walked in the Solstice Parade with a giant elephant

Summer 2013 801
and ate a little sushi and drank a little sake with a friend from out of town at Chiso.


(Yoda admits he may have had a little too much sake – but it was worth it).

Summer 2013 906
The Yodster was the talk of Eugene when friends and I explored the delights of the Oregon Country Fair.This guy is grinding wheat grass on a bike for us – it was way harder than it looks.

Summer 2013 1014
Last but not least Yoda held the circle for me at when I officiated my friend's wedding on the Oregon coast. (He is pictured above pondering the appropriate words for the ceremony, and below is his perspective of the wedding set-up.)

Summer 2013 1026

It was quite the setting.

Summer 2013 1035
And despite being a lone Yoda backpack in the middle of a field within a public park everyone respected the space he held. 

Summer 2013 1022
And then he helped me drink a bunch of champagne at the reception – but was still too shy to make a toast.

Summer 2013 1029
It was a good summer – and at the end of it Yoda saw me and my campmates off to the Burning Man festival.  Being a creature of the swamp and rain forest he declined to attend,  "Too dry it is."  He told me and stayed home to watch the garden.  He grew some great artichokes and few giant zucchini while I was gone.

Summer 2013 938


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