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Black Rock City Orange Cayenne Tea or Playa Acclimation Juice

Burning Man is an indescribable art and culture event that takes place for 7 days every year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  This was my 6th year returning to Black Rock City as the leader of a Buddhist theme camp known as Buddhacamp@theLotusDome.  Here are the lovely folks who worked with me to build said camp – and the place known as "the playa" before anyone else arrived.

End of summer and burn 2012 398

End of summer and burn 2012 427

The Black Rock Desert is made not out of sand but of a limestone rich base dust.  It can literally eat your skin and is a 100th of a micron in size so it gets into everything.  It can also be a bugger to adjust to as days can range from 90 to 120 degrees farenheit and nights are 40 to 60 degrees.  But you can where fun outfits like this and look normal.

End of summer and burn 2012 476

Our camp centers on Buddhist values and shared community – with great food.  This year the theme ingredient was kale – but that is another story.

End of summer and burn 2012 443

We serve our friends, neighbors, and community food, beverages and compassion.  This is a shot of our Taco Night for friends and neighbors early in the week.

End of summer and burn 2012 449

We give beverages and food to over 500 people during the week between tacos, tea, coffee and our famous bacon bloody mary Friday. The recipe folks are most curious about – is my Playa Acclimation Juice – or simply Orange Cayenne Tea. It can wash away the trials of the heat, sooth the throat and hydrate you all at the same time. 

End of summer and burn 2012 466

Start with some fresh oranges in your playa kitchen.

End of summer and burn 2012 461
Squeeze said oranges (about 4) into a pitcher.  Add 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper and a Tbsp of Agave Syrup.  Top off with boiling water, mix, and serve warm. 

End of summer and burn 2012 472

It will beat even the dustiest of days – or acclimate you in the harshest of working conditions – bringing you natural energy and hydration. 

Playa Acclimation Juice

1 Pitcher

4 quartered and squeezed oranges (drop the rinds in the pitcher)

1/8 tsp cayenne

1 Tbsp agave nectar

5 to 6 cups hot water (or fill pitcher)

Stir and serve warm.

I discovered this recipe on accident my first burn when some cayenne accidently made it into my plain water and I felt better in the 120 degree heat almost instantly.  I added the orange juice and agave for flavoring – as most individuals do not like drinking straight cayenne.  Cayenne is however the active ingredient with all of its wonderful properties that work for you in times of health or illness. 



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