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Friday Night LAX adventure and Korea Town Yum

Luckily I didn't know two months ago that I would be recovering from ankle surgery at the end of January. Had I known I may have chosen not to travel on a notion and a whim to Los Angeles for a little visit with a good friend and a class. I also would have missed out on the experience of being in an airplane full of middle school aged boys, airport wheelchair service, LAX traffic and Ktown foodie adventure.

I started my trip like this.

Serenity in a breeze through airport security in a wheelchair with yoda on my lap.

I finished it like this. Humanity spilling from curbs, traffic police and waiting for someone, anyone, please to push me from gate 59 to 1.

As a result we needed late night eats in the Los Angeles area.

And a drink. This is the Korean rice wine I tried – filled with bubbles, viscous texture and subtle sweet flavor that will have me investigating where I can find such a delicacy at home. But perhaps it was just the stress of the travel that had me feeling a little like this guy.

Needless to say multiple little dishes of kimchi and dumpling soup wiped all memory of the airport from my mind.


Nothing like a spicy kimchi and tofu memory swab to bring you back down to the ground.

Regardless I am quite happy and appreciative to have amazing friends in this world that will wade through over an hour of traffic to pick me up at a crazy busy airport and take me to yummy food in Korea town where I've always wanted to go (all Anthony Bourdain style – except the narrative is on this blog, not a voice over). And friends who drove me to the airport and airlines that push you through two miles of terminal, and airplanes that go up and come back down safely places.

Just call me grateful and tomorrow is a new day in LA.


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