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Walking the Las Vegas Strip Looking at Shiny Things

We walked the entire expanse of one side of the Las Vegas strip today. We went into every single casino, save one, and did not gamble. We unashamedly took pictures of every single interesting looking thing and began to feel as though we were trapped in a giant amusement park/airport where all the celebrity chefs came to hang up their pictures.

Meanwhile, Yoda picked up a gambling and drinking habit and a few dozen businessmen offered to buy him off me. "Name your price." Said slightly overweight drunk business man with his wallet hanging open. ( The wallet that I found on the floor and gave back to him to his pleasure and surprise.) "Yoda is not for sale." I responded. "Come on, everything is for sale in Vegas." Said the man as visions of Yoda's abused body danced in my brain. "Not Yoda." I politely said and smiled.

What did we learn on our long walk through the valley of sin, greed and gluttony? First, free drink tickets are not really free – and 20 ounce frozen margaritas are gross.

The Flamingo actually has flamingos that look really sad.

The Venetian smells only a little better than the real city of Venice but has a lot more shops where you learn about how stem cells and Malbec DNA can wipe away wrinkles and those dark circles under your eyes.

Truffle break!

Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

And the Wynn has astroturf for grass outside but real flower sculptures inside.


As a pack of people originally from the far reaches of the north where we have naturally occurring beauty and water – these wonders of man made things in the desert can be very, how do you say…awe inspiringly tacky. Almost makes one want to write an ode to the fake water fall, except the smell of the recirculated water is just a little too much.
At the end of our day we met up with family of our little group that live in the area at a little big pub in the Aria – with a raw bar.
And clams
and more traditional English fare like chicken pot pie.
We ate and drank and were merry among the sea of others hopefully doing the same.




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