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Casinos And Dim Sum and Cirque de Soleil Oh My

Today was a long exhausting walk between casinos. We saw pyramids and castles, jelly bean lady liberty, giant cascades of crystal and blown glass ceilings, the Chippendale theater, retirees smoking and spending their money next to lucky Buddhas and tumbleweed on a freeway overpass.

There are five of us in our merry band of Vegas adventurers. This is one too many for the average cab size and thus we learned today it could result in 1. Very long waits or 2. Very long walks.
We powered through getting to roller coasters and cocktails and dim sum!


We found dim sum at a place called Ping Pang Pong in the heart of the Gold Coast – an old school casino with no frills pretending it is anything but a casino. We were the youngest people in sight – except for the conglomeration of Chinese in the dim sum establishment.
We gorged ourselves silly in record time.
Then walked all the way back to the Bellagio where it became obvious Vegas was still in the midst of celebrating the Chinese New Year.
It is the year of the horse.

At the Bellagio we licked our wounds and determined the course of the rest of our day by determining that a Cirque de Soleil show was in order and (when we were actually hungry again) a nice dinner at Sensi.

"Where you folks staying?" Said helpful O Theater ticket sales person. "Bluegreen." We honestly chorus. He looks disappointingly back at us. "Would it help if we were staying here?" I ask. "Can we try again?" He smiles and starts over, "Where are you folks staying?" And we answer "The Bellagio!" And then we got awesome seats for "O" for half price. Lesson learned again.
After a nap and another dramatic cab adventure we made it to Sensi for dinner. I personally learned that pork jowel is the most amazing thing and that pig ears are chewy. Thus solving the mystery as to why my dog Odin will actually jump for both.
We shared appetizers and sides and main courses bison, sea bass and tuna were all enjoyed.
Then it was time for the theater.
As photos were strictly forbidden I of course took one of the curtain and ceiling.
After the show we braved the taxi stand and pulled our exhausted selves back to the timeshare for much needed sleep – not without noticing that Vegas after midnight was a way more busy, bustling, dramatic place filled with stilettos and fancy outfits than our experience as day warriors.
A different kind of shiny thing pervades after dark.


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