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Beaches, Bangles and Vindaloo

So the thing about Goa now is it is off-season.

The benefit – no crowds and theoretically lower prices. The downside – I am a beacon of white light illuminating everywhere I traverse.

My entry onto Candolim Beach started a turf war between the cabana man and the jewelry seller ladies over my non-existent American riches and potential for high profit.

First the ladies surrounded me placing bangles, necklaces, ankle bracelets, toe rings, sun dresses and pens all over me and my chair demanding ridiculous prices – when I refused to buy they just started putting stuff on me and in my beach bag saying "pay me tomorrow." Here a shot of my bedazzled feet after the women left.

After the initial swarming the cabana man comes along shooing the next wave away – then he starts telling about his market tour blah blah blah…then the ladies and him started yelling at each other – it was less than a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

The goal of my day was to get some beach clothes, find the beach and eat some Goan specialties. After the prior day in Mumbai I wanted no form of vehicular transportation or attempts at site-seeing. The man who I purchased my swimwear from said, "There is nothing in Goa but beach and coconuts – so chill out."

So I got a pedicure. I don't think my Ayurvedic Pedicure establishment would pass U.S. hygiene standards but what would here.

Ate some prawn curry by the pool.

Then ran into a group of guys from Bombay including an American who is Indian and they adopted me for the night – taking me bar hopping in their car – and politely informing me just how much the cabbies in Bombay actually ripped me off.



We ate Fish Vindaloo, sang karaoke with the locals, and topped off the night with a game of three card poker and Paan – the most interesting thing I've eaten in all of India – it is like chewing on a leave with coconut and dates inside.

I took my meager poker winnings and went to bed at 4am – tomorrow I find a different beach

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