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Urgent Strawberry Situation

I rescued a large palatte of strawberries zipping toward doom on a Saturday afternoon.  As they were in such a precarious state it seemed that this was a situation for the trusty juicer and a glorious Sunday breakfast featuring strawberry salad with fresh beet greens and balsamic vinagrette, peppered bacon, taragon eggs, and strawberry mimosas.

June July 11 064

Strawberries are just at the end of their season.  They are a June berry followed by their antioxidant cousin the blueberry in July.  Apparently they are also the new trendy ground cover as instead of flowers along the sidewalks in Seattle's South Lake Union new biotech playground landscape there are tiny little strawberry plants bursting with little red berries oh so joyfully coated in exhaust fumes from busy Denny Way. 

Despite the fashion in groundcover, strawberries are a wonderful food.  They are high in vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B5 and magnesium. 

June July 11 072

Juiced strawberries can also make a mean mimosa.

June July 11 073

Just make sure that you add the strawberry juice to the bubbly – not the other way around – or else you have a strawberry mess all over the counter like I did.  Albeit a tasty mess. I did my best to drink it all.

June July 11 074

Upon successful blending of bubbles and strawberry juice I turned to the strawberries still firm enough for chewing. 

June July 11 068

With the eggs and bacon ready and waiting it was time for them to meet their maker in a soft green bed of beet greens dressed in balsamic vinegar glory.

June July 11 057

It was a lovey breakfast.

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