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Grilled Steak with Espresso Chili Rub

Mid-winter BBQ oh yeah.  Whoever said grillin' was just for summer? 

Poppy and bbq feb 038

Surely not my fire cooking enthusiast friend Yama.  Because it was a Wednesday I wandered down to Fremont after work with some organic zucchinis, a few potatoes and a bottle of wine to the little house in the Center of the Universe.

Poppy and bbq feb 029

Awaiting me upon arrival were these two lovely ribeye steaks rubbed in a mixture of fresh ground espresso and powdered chili from Yama's Mama.  Not "chili powder" the spice mixture but straight up ground southwest chili varietal sent him Xmas from her travels.

Poppy and bbq feb 022We placed the potatoes in a seasoning bath, wrapped them in tinfoil on placed them on the grill.

Poppy and bbq feb 045When the potatoes were ready we put the veggies and steaks on the grill.

Poppy and bbq feb 036
And drank a little Ravenclaw brewery ale and waited 10 minutes. 

Poppy and bbq feb 054We paired the steak and simple grilled veggies with a malbec and watched a documentary on Netflix.  Just a regular February weeknight with friends.

2 thoughts on “Grilled Steak with Espresso Chili Rub”

  1. Ooooh! My former housemate (from New Mexico) had all kinds of good chilis in the house: they weren’t there for decoration only. Who knew? So I have to ask how one goes from desiccated chili to chili powder. Food processor? Mortar and pestle? Kitchen shears? I was never around to witness the amazing reconstitution that my former roommate could magically whip up.


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