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National Poetry Month 2013 with Paprika Angel

So it is National Poetry Month and I am a poet and a food blogger so what a better place to combine the two and participate in the 30 for 30 challenge than on this blog.

March 2013 059

What is this 30 for 30 challenge?  It is the writing of one poem a day for every day of the month of April. 

March 2013 216
I am already a day behind because it is April 2nd – but who is really counting. It is the effort and participation that counts. 

Winter 2012 to 2013 498

So here is a poem – you might recognize the subject.


The Mimosa sits in the center of the table

champagne glass thin stem

skinny oval holding afternoon sun

daffodil yellow

grapefruit juice with little tiny bubbles

gripping half moon of orange rind floating.

March 2013 217


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